Welcome to the future of organic agriculture

DEROSE’s mission is to produce a 100% organic banana that compares to the quality standards of the best-in-class bananas produced aroundthe world. 

To meet our objectives required considerable capital investment initiatives in infrastructure to ensure best-in-class production results. DEROSE is optimizing critical processes for effective and efficient operational results, such as:

  • Accessing water piping from the Azucar dam irrigation canals, water reservoirs, irrigation, and drainage infrastructure
  • Double-row planting to ensure population control; ease of identification; avoiding soil compaction by limiting foot traffic on the planted beds; adding natural cover crops that provide added nutrients and assist in weed control.
  • Our world-class packing plant facilities have ample capacity for meeting any packing pattern requests by our customers. Additionally, to prevent post-packing quality issues, long conveyor pre-packing belts were installed to ensure a thorough inspection and adequate time for drying and healing of the crown-cut.
  • Quick refrigeration guidelines after packing

The result is a healthy development of our banana mats producing a uniform stem size, appearance, and finger length. Our productivity standards and quality results are equivalent to typical outcomes in conventional banana farming.

Another critical requirement for meeting our quality objectives is the management of the farm organic and environmental standards, which are strictly monitored and enforced by our certification partners. From our labor force to our technical teams, each process follows strict internal guidelines of traceability, hygiene, and safety protocols to ensure the highest quality.

DEROSE monitors all logistics and transportation aspects through direct and close collaboration with all supply-chain partners—from the soil of our farms to our customer’s distribution centers. DEROSE ships from the ports of Guayaquil and Posorja, with one of the quickest sourcing transit times in the industry due to its strategic location. DEROSE is also BASC certified to ensure commerce security.

Our new project for 2021 is the development of Zapotal Farm, which will further impact the peninsula, generating 280 direct employment opportunities and enhancing our neighboring communities’ economic growth. The hilly landscape of Zapotal provides a natural drainage option and has a different structure than traditional planting.  The upper part of the farm has a fantastic view of the Peninsula valley.

This project will offer high-quality organic fruit to our existing markets in Europe and developing markets in the United States.